I was an athlete at an art school. I was a writer at a design school. I am a southern boy living in the Big Apple – let's just say, I usually go against the grain.


If you feel like you've seen me before, you may have noticed I was on an episode of Royal Pains ("Lawson Translation"). My 2 seconds of face-time, fortunately, didn't make me want to act full-time.


My initial first love was cooking. That turned into photography. That in turn, turned into advertising. Writing became the focus and I've been doing that ever since.


I discovered how to time travel – twice a year, in fact. Granted it's only an hour into the past and an hour into the future, but it's one of my best accomplishments so far. 


I'm big into fantasy sports; you can see if I won my week in fantasy football or baseball here: www.didreid.win