I was an athlete at an art school.

I was a writer at a design school. I am a southern boy that lived in the Big Apple – let's just say, I usually go against the grain.

If you feel like you've seen me before, you may have noticed me on Royal Pains ("Lawson Translation"). My 2 seconds of face-time, unfortunately, didn't kick off my acting career.

My initial first love was cooking. That turned into photography. That in turn, made me focus on advertising. I've been doing that ever since.

Now, I’m on my next adventure to conquer the Atlanta Ad scene. If you’re in need of some writing expertise, I’m always available to collaborate.

I'm also big into fantasy sports; you can see if I won my week in fantasy football or baseball here: www.didreid.win


Winner – 2017 Port City Review (Brand Identity; The Red T-Shirt Company)

Winner – 2014 Midas Gold (Typography)

Finalist – 2012 NSAC